Maintenance with AssetVoice™

At the click of a button AssetVoice™ can provide real-time intelligence, notifications and alerts around: 

  • Asset’s current location and location history
  • Asset specifications (name plate data, classification, functional location, certifications, etc.)
  • Reliability, maintenance, and inspection data and history
  • Upcoming requirements relating to performance testing, certification, or maintenance
  • Associated spare parts and Bill of Materials (BoMs)
  • Asset financial accounting and cost centres
  • Stock levels in warehouses and alerts for procurement requirements
  • Adherence to quality assurance processes
  • Security breaches and unexpected movement
  • Other bespoke needs and requirements

How AssetVoice™ can help:

Automating management of change

Link AssetVoice™ to your CMMS ensuring changes to equipment statuses are updated automatically and in real-time, reducing admin time

Assure compliance

Receive alerts relating to the management of safety critical equipment to help ensure compliance with legislation and regulations

Inventory optimisation

Optimise your spares holding by assuring you have the right amount of the correct spares in stock, no more, no less

Efficiency gains

Avoid delays in maintenance and downtime through instant access to insights on replacement part availability and location

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Access up to date and accurate data in real-time to allow decision makers to make good decisions and mitigate risk

Boost productivity

Efficiently access asset information on a tablet device whilst on site to ensure all information required for a workorder is readily available, enhancing productivity


Motive Offshore Group appoints AssetVoice to digitise asset base

Leading Energy Industry Specialist Motive Offshore Group (Motive) has contracted ABL to automate and digitise its extensive pool of rental equipment, enabling cost-efficient support whilst improving the customer experience for offshore energy operators and their suppliers.

Watch AssetVoice™ in action

  • Book a demo of the software
  • Get more details about the software and hardware solutions
  • Receive ongoing insights and advice for asset tracking and labelling initiatives

How else can AssetVoice™ be used?

Automate work management processes

Automate work management processes

Track, manage and automate work management processes
Healthcare management

Healthcare management

Rationalising costs and maximising available resources across the healthcare industry
Inventory and warehouse management

Inventory and warehouse management

Automate warehouse and inventory processes and management of change to save money, eliminate time wastage and reduce risk.
Manufacturing production and automation

Manufacturing production and automation

Promote automation to eliminate bottlenecks and save costs in your manufacturing process
People management

People management

Track and manage people locations and associated information throughout their journey
Plant and production

Plant and production

Automate processes to cut costs and maximise equipment uptime and spares availability.
Rental and service equipment control

Rental and service equipment control

Enabling rental and service companies to track and manage equipment throughout its journey to assure availability and boost profits.
Transportation and supply chain

Transportation and supply chain

Achieve unprecedented levels of transportation management and supply chain automation